Who is making all the fun?

Just stancl-ing around

Our company has a long tradition of working with products made of foil, acrylic glass and other materials. We have a lot of experience in the development of products for decoration of cakes and pastries, and for many years we have been dealing with industrial design. We use modern machines that provide great opportunities for turning every idea into reality.

All the products in our store are made in Serbia, the materials we use are manufactured in Germany and they have the required certificate that they are safe for use in the food industry.

All of our products are 100% made in Europe

We promote our original products and complete range of products for making cakes and cake decorating in our country and all over the world

Since 2011, we have been exporting our products to foreign markets. There are no limits for us, the goods are distributed worldwide.


If you would like to include our products in your store's range please contact us for arrangements, we have special benefits for distributors of our products.

We strive to become permanent partners in shaping your ideas with fast, excellent and favorable service. Ideas are limitless in our creative workshop.

Our Company details

Make and fun stencils

"Make and Fun"

Backa 20,

21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

phone: +381 63 83 92 348

email: makeandfun7@gmail.com